Company: Stem Sel S.r.l.
Sector: Stem cell therapy applications in regenerative medicine
Deal: Start-up
Equity stake: minority
Status: in portfolio

Stem Sel Srl is a company founded in 2013 and spun off from the University of Bologna. The Stem Sel business is based on the development, engineering, production and commercialization of an instrumentation, consumables included, called Celector, an innovative and patented technology for the tag-less separation and selection of human stem cells from adult “discarded” tissues (e.g. placenta, umbilical cord, lipoaspirate, dental pulp) for stem cell therapy applications in regenerative medicine, with high growth market prospects. The competitive advantage of Celector lies in its ability to sort and select stem cells without any manipulation and no immunolabeling. In particular the absence of labeling avoids the possible cellular alteration and preserves their native regenerative power, selecting the stem cells for which there are currently no efficient technologies available on the market.