Companies: Sidam S.r.l. and Synopo S.p.A. – BTC Medical Europe S.r.l.
Sector: Design, production and distribution of disposables for medical devices
Deal: Expansion
Equity stake: 50%
Status: in portfolio

Founded in 1991, Sidam operates in the Mirandola biomedical district, the second one in the world. Sidam has been active for more than 20 years in the design and production of disposables for medical devices such as for magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents. A control stake (90%) of Sidam was achieved through an investment in Synopo, a distributor of medical devices, produced by Natus, in the neurological segment, used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
In December 2016 Sidam bought a control stake in BTC Medical Europe, a company based in Valeggio and Nonantola, with similar technologies and products but with a complementary market, being active in the postoperative blood recovery and oncology sectors.