Company: Thermokey S.p.A.
Sector: Design and production of heat exchangers
Deal: Expansion – Soft Turnaround
Equity stake: syndacated control stake
Status: in portfolio

Thermokey, founded in 1991, has been producing various kinds of heat exchangers for 25 years now. It is internationally known as the ideal partner for manufacturers of tailor made cooling machines for air conditioning, refrigeration and process cooling. Thermokey heat exchangers range, becoming richer year after year, at the moment includes finned pack heat exchangers, air condensers, liquid coolers, unit coolers, shell and tube evaporators and condensers and brazed plate heat exchangers. Thermokey has 170 employees and workers. All Thermokey products are developed and manufactured in-house The commercial organisation includes, on top of the head quarter in Rivarotta di Rivignano Teor (UD), three different companies based in France, Germany and Poland, as well as a widely spread network of distributors in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Far East and in Latin America.